In mid-2015 Carlo Fulchir become the General Manager and Director of the largest privately held Italian company present in Côte d'Ivoire. He has been called to implement extraordinary activities of restructuring and revitalization. The company occupies an area of ​​over 32,000 square meters for the tuna processing, with 10,000 square meters of warehouses and cold storage. It permanently employs about 1,000 people, reaching a turnover of over € 70 million; the transformation amounts to 23,000 t. per year and about 150,000,000 cans of tuna per year. The entire company is "brain in Italy", in the sense that the product, all of high quality, is made with recipes, know-how and Italian quality. The company strictly complies with all the guidelines for sustainable fisheries (tuna is fished in FAO area 34 and FAO 47) and uses a management system for Quality Assurance ISO9001: V2008. The company is precisely handled through an international organization, as also are the international certifications.   As usual, Carlo entered into relationship with local Universities, participating in evaluation activities start up projects and in innovative projects developed by graduates of the Global MBA in Entrepreneurship Impact of the Catholic University of the Sacro Cuore, whose activities are intended to form new entrepreneurs, adopting ad hoc developed formulas, increasing the skills of teachers and academic staff in African universities, supporting small and medium Italian enterprises in the development in Africa territory and creating around each MBA an ecosystem of companies, foundations, social venture funds, banks and institutions.

A long and compelling story, from the first steps in electronics to digital technology, going for the food field. Carlo Fulchir has always explored new frontiers in the name of innovation, brilliantly collecting and winning challenges proposed to himself over the years.


Carlo Fulchir,
a history of great success.

This website represents in a clear and objective way the professional and entrepreneurial experience of Carlo Fulchir. It gives an overview of all activities carried out by Carlo Fulchir, since 1983, when at age 21 years where he started his career as an entrepreneur, ‘till present day.
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