The Friulian of Masè: "Shades about Fulchir? Inaccurate reports"

The plan: "We will become the battleship of the pig in the region" ...

Make available to Masè the typical goodwill of friulian people.
The shadows of the past of one of their members? They may create doubts about their credibility only if "told in an imprecise way."
Luca Marcuzzo is the spokesman for the consortium BTS that has taken over the bulwark of "cotto" in Trieste. It ensures that the intentions of local entrepreneurs are serious [...]

The reference is to the most striking name among those that make up the consortium: Carlo Fulchir. [...] In Trieste is remembered for its entry into Telit group, later acquired by Israeli entrepreneurs. Marcuzzo sums up the story: "At the end of the 90s he picked up the Telit of Trieste, [...] to renovate it and entrust the management of an Israeli international group that now guarantees the occupation and the development of activities in Trieste".

But Marcuzzo hopes that the affair remains a closed chapter, and speaks of the intentions of BTS. Besides him and Fulchir, are at the helm Franco Soldati, president of Udinese Calcio and contractor, and Dino Fabbro, manager of the prestigious local Contarena of Udine.
The group find himself to take over Masè, a company with a deficit of 10 million euro.

This is their strategy: "Our plan was to take over the group Uanetto in the management of the friulian pig supply chain. - Explains Marcuzzo - The group Uanetto, in crisis for several reasons, owns 50% of the whole friulian pig."

Read the complete article on the Il Piccolo of April 6th 2013


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