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The mission of an entrepreneur who "feels alive when he acts" involves making unconventional choices. 

In a national context, where large multinationals too often speculate by closing factories and productive sectors in favor of sole profit and to the detriment of our territory and our people, as happened with the Ex-Safilo plant in Martignacco (UD), Italian entrepreneurship has a duty to intervene; a duty that effectively becomes a great opportunity. 

The Fulchir family, with Carlo Fulchir as a tutor to his children Stefano, Eva, Federico, does just this: it develops its own business in various sectors thanks to a highly qualified management in the specific field and thanks to a clear and strong entrepreneurial guide. This allows us to create value and create jobs, continuing to enhance the skills of our collaborators and our territory. 

HERE IS THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moVUB4nYtSs

Carlo Fulchir,
a history of great success.

This website represents in a clear and objective way the professional and entrepreneurial experience of Carlo Fulchir. It gives an overview of all activities carried out by Carlo Fulchir, since 1983, when at age 21 years where he started his career as an entrepreneur, ‘till present day.
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