A small workshop, a 21 year old man with a passion for innovation, a little village in the north east of Italy. So began Carlo Fulchir entrepreneurial story. Carlo was born in 1962 and in 1983 he founded the small company Elektron so facing the electronics market starting from “his” Buja, a  little village situated 10 kilometers north of Udine, a step away from Austria. In those years in Italy and particularly in a so traditional and conservative area anchored to cultural rearguard as the average Friuli such initiative seemed a foolhardy action, a jump in the dark of a young man chasing a chimera, maybe seduced by the utopia of creating a business in electronics. But Carlo Fulchir pulled straight and grows exponentially. In a few years, he begun a recognized nationally interlocutor and he comes into contact with the biggest companies of Telecommunications of the moment: Telettra belonging to the Fiat Group (now the largest Alcatel-Lucent), the Necsy belonging to the STET group (now Telecom Italy), and many others. The partnerships become consolidated, until Fulchir become a reference point for the activities of production of equipment for the big world of telecommunications. The Elektron (now DM Elektron) becomes a company of about 500 employees (1993) and with about 30 mln in revenue a year. In just 10 years, from humble beginnings, Fulchir built a giant in the industry, and feels ready to face a new challenge: he has then sold the majority of its business to one of its major customers, and starts a new industrial project.


Carlo Fulchir,
a history of great success.

This website represents in a clear and objective way the professional and entrepreneurial experience of Carlo Fulchir. It gives an overview of all activities carried out by Carlo Fulchir, since 1983, when at age 21 years where he started his career as an entrepreneur, ‘till present day.
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